Annual giving of the thanks

I think its obvious why I should be thankful.

We finally (FINALLY!) signed a lease at a place for our new baby store. We're hoping to open as soon as possible (three weeks?!) which sounds ridiculous except we have had nine months to prepare.

The kids are finally in a much better day care situation. It's quiet (sometimes only 2 or 3 other kids in their classes!), they play together for hours in the shady outdoors and Nathan actually had a 2.5 hr nap there on Friday, he was so relaxed.

The only downside is that I now have to face the (new) challenge of trying to convince them to leave!

Good friends and good family, near and far.

Two amazing kids. One amazing husband. Our own house in a friendly little corner of the world.

The Good Wife on TV once a week. My iphone. Skinny jeans and over-the-knee black leather boots (apparently I think I'm 25). Pancakes with local maple syrup. A book club where I walk in the room and every single person there is someone I like and want to talk to. CBC Radio 2 Drive. A kick-ass perennial garden. The freedom and support to become an entrepreneur and take an entirely new path in life. Snuggles in a warm bed with a sweet snoring toddler.

It is obvious why I am thankful.

Say click:
Corn maze farm:
Which way do we go?
Battle of the flags:Photo shoot: preparing (before I bribed Nate to take off his beloved hat)
Photo shoot: Take 1
Photo shoot: Goofing around (check out the crossed ankles, cousin Jenny)

Photo shoot: As good as it's going to get
Okay, now you can go crazy:


Jellybean Mama said…
Ahahahaha! That one pic I cannot decide who Nate looks like - I was like, 'His dad? My dad? Jimmy?'. So weird. Love the suit. Hope to see that dress in Jenny's future, GORGEOUS.

Happy Thanksgiving! Jealous! (can't believe I have to wait a whole month, stupid country)
Anonymous said…
Those kids are tooo cute! They look like they're 5 & 6 in those outfits!!! Jeez!!! Love the pics :)
Aunt Kitty xo

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