Monthly Update: November

You really should stop checking this blog. I have no time to add things! How about we make a plan to meet, like on the first of every month?

That way you don't have to keep checking and feeling disappointed and I won't feel so guilty.

Funny stories / quotes happen every day but like I said, no time to post. Store has been open about three weeks and all is well. Turns out talking about baby stuff all day is fun!

Kids are in winter colds / lots-of-change-in-their-lives mode which is never pretty but we're getting through okay. Send groceries.

One story to share:

At bedtime tonight, Mela and I were talking about names and then, when we were lying quietly in the darkness, she said, "Mama, have you ever met someone named Amelia? Not me, another person?"

And I said, yes I had. She asked, "Where did you meet her?"

I said I'd met her in a bathroom, in a restaurant. There was a mama and a little girl and the girl's name was Amelia.

Our Amelia the Precocious then asked a number of questions, including "did you know her?" (no, she was a stranger), "was she a baby or a big girl?" (big girl), "what did she look like?" (long yellow hair), "where was the restaurant?" (in Toronto), "were we with you?" (Daddy and baby Mela were but Nate wasn't born yet), and most importantly, after a long period of quiet thought ...

"Was she a dinosaur stranger or a people stranger?"

Important question to ask.

Say click:

The substitute parents keep the kids company:

Nate the Tool Man "fixing" the dishwasher:
Could there possible be a fat baby inside that box?
It's Nate!
Mela struts her stuff:
The most beautiful eyes:


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