We're back!

Have decided to document the selling of our current house and the move to our new house on this trusty old blog.

It's a ton of work and stress but sometimes you need to focus on the positive, right??

Now if only I can avoid getting bogged down watching videos of the kids when they were little ("Where did the time go? Sniff, sniff!") ...

This blog is mainly going to be about decorating, so if you're not a fan, consider yourself warned!

This Old House Report:

Four days left until the photographer is scheduled to come take pictures for the listing and the house is in chaos! Got some good packing done on the weekend although not sure how this whole living in a 1/2 packed house thing is going to work (Chris packed my cereal bowl!).

One thing we *didn't* get rid of was the bookcase in our dining room. I've always liked it (solid wood!) but Stager said to move it out. Since it won't fit in our car so we were going to have to sell it.

But once it was cleared off and I took pictures to post, I noticed it's a lovely shade of grey, which matchs perfectly with the colour scheme for the new basement rec room!

So it stays, and is going to be balanced on the right with a lovely trio of bird pics (which somehow never got hung in the 4.5 yrs we've lived here).

In other accomplishments, we got a replacement fridge (old one would periodically let out a loud clunking sound - not great for viewings), moved a TON of stuff to the in-laws place (hi, MJ!) and started painting over Mila's tree, which was a bit sad (for both of us).

Many promises of a new tree being painted at the new house. (And many coats of primer to cover up the dark paint! Is it just me or does it look like a ghost tree now?)

Also, staged a bookcase for the first time (harder than you'd think). Looks lovely but still prefer the functionality of just a whole whack of books.

The big news is that the new countertops are being installed today!

Yes, I am FULLY aware that I lived for four years without a counter on one side of the kitchen, only to get brand new ones just when we're about to move.

I picked out the countertop in about 5 minutes at the store (did I mention the photographer is coming on Friday?!) so was a little flip-flop-in-the-stomach nervous to see it in place.

So ridiculous to try and pick a pattern without comparing it to the colours in your kitchen!

I'm not a big fan of dark counters so went lighter, with some texture.

And now that it's in, it looks SO fresh and lovely, it brightens the whole kitchen. I can't believe it took four years ...

Kind of mad.

New House:

Check out the counters at the new house. Not a huge fan.

Will someday redo (dreaming of walnut-coloured wood laminate and quartz countertops) but 'til then, I have to work with the colour scheme that's there.

Doesn't this picture just make your fingers itch to paint the cupboards white?!!

Brown tile floor: ugh.


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