Three lessons for one mom

Still no time to post really but couldn't resist this.

First of all, Nate recently did the big tranfer out of his crib. With Mela it was all fanfare and a gorgeous toddler bed (which she spurned) and song and dance and celebration. With kid #2, I carried him into bed one night and he said, "No crib." So I made a nest on the floor for him and that was that.

I had known the day was coming and besides, it meant I got to snuggle him to sleep again, which I've been waiting for since he was six months old.

What I didn't expect that was he wakes me up at 6:55 each day now. Turns out that's when he's probably been getting up all along but would play nicely in his crib. Now that he has his whole room to play in, he's decided to yell for me as soon as he's awake instead.

Lesson #1 learned: with progress can come pain.

The second lesson was taught last night. I've had the kids sleep in each other's rooms before because I wanted to prepare them for the day they'll share a room (since Mela is so brokenhearted to sleep alone every single night). It's always gone well. Then last night we did it and it was a disaster. They were up until 10 pm (so much giggling and plotting!) and then were hysterical when we finally had to separate them. Turns out that with Nate out of a crib, they spend the whole time having adventures instead of sleeping.

So today was fun with two sleep-deprived little ones, especially one who refuses to take a nap even when her eyes are almost black underneath.

Lesson #2 learned: no sleepover until we have beds for them to stay in.

And the third lesson was learned tonight. We separated them from the start (and Mela was crying so hard she was almost incoherent and then promptly passed out) and it seemed to work well. Except Nathan had had such a monster-long nap, he was full of beans and spent the next hour learning how to open his door.

Which he finally mastered.

And then walked downstairs and said, "Hello!" in a very jovial tone. I put him back in his room repeatedly and it finally seemed to stick.

Fast-forward to my bedtime (about 10 mins ago) and I decide to check on him. I crack open his door and peer into the darkness. No lump in the nest. I creep in and feel around on the floor. No sleeping body. I look everywhere and finally turn on the light. No Nathan.

I run and look in our room but he's not there. For a minute I panic and think he's somehow climbed the stairs to the attic and is horrible trapped but then I remember to ...

check Mela's room. And there he is.

So now I know ...

Lesson #3: just because a transition starts out seeming straightforward, doesn't mean it is.

Funny that he loves her so much and still tries to hit her all day long.

Say click:

Back when it was still summer, the kids sweating it out on the couch:
Enjoying the outdoors:
After several consecutive days of no nap, sometimes she just crashes:
This is what it looks like when a hurricane is trying to blow my neighbours' tree over (check out the quality of the light - the oranges seem weirdly intense):
Daddy made homemade sushi (and tempura) - wow!!
It disappears quickly, seaweed and all:
Sister hugs:
Speaking of crashing ... (check out the undies!!!):
Two kids with colds = no rest for the Mama:
Big boy with his present from Great-Grandma Martha!
Planning his strategy:
Nate gives up and starts to play golf:
... and basketball:
The boy and his Mom:
After months of rinsing hair with kids screaming bloody (and thinking the whole time that these things would be a waste of money), I finally broke down and bought the stupid bath visors. And they work!!!
Mela diligently rinsing her frog:
And finally ... caught in the act:


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