Bare Wood Floors

When we looked at it, our new house had carpet on the stairs and second floor. The second floor was an addition and so they just put down plywood and covered it.

The carpet was stained and faded so we initially said we would replace it but, as one quote led to another and I started really thinking about all the reasons I don't like it (harder to clean, have to replace it, gives off VOCs, harbours dust mites, etc), we realized for a bit more we could just put in hardwood to match the first floor.

And today it happened!!!

It looks amazing. 

Funny how much it can change the look of a room and that it never occurred to us in the beginning.

Kids Room:

Check out the awesome hiding place - they have two in their room!

Now I don't have to worry about gum on the floor ... as much.

Our Room:


You could see where each piece of furniture was. They clearly had a double bed, with a chest or bench at the foot of it!


This trim is SO getting painted. After I've recovered from the sun room, that is.

We have a different dilemma now though.

We ripped up the carpet in the dining room today and discovered not just the great wood floor we were expecting, but also that there used to be a wall through part of the room. 

And when the wall was taken out?

The lovely wood floor was patched with plywood.

So now we face the decision to:

  1. Put in carpet. (No!)
  2. Rip out the wood and put in cork (This is the option the wood flooring guys recommended. Cheaper but cork stains and it is a dining room we're actually going to eat in. Every night. And my kids are messy.)
  3. Pay to have the wood patched, which involves tons of fiddly work to weave the pieces of wood in naturally. (Seems like the only real option?)

Any thoughts?


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