Not such an expert after all

Hey, you know what seems fun but can actually drive you crazy?!

Picking paint colours.

I was all cool because I thought knew what I was doing because I had such success with our old house (basically just told the awesome BM expert what I wanted and she picked out the colours) but have been stumped by our living room. 

(Not to mention what's happening in the upstairs hall but let's ignore that for the moment, shall we?).

After much research and planning, I picked BM's Revere Pewter to go in this room.

It had everything going for it: Perfect mix of grey and beige (greige)! Stays true! Bestselling colour for Benjamin Moore!

It was supposed to look like this:

And instead it looked like this:

See how, down at the baseboards, it looks lavendar??

Not cool.

Blame it on the wood trim (I do) and the streaky test pint, and yes, I know it would look different if I'd done the whole wall. 

So I painted the whole wall:

And it looked okay but it just didn't look great, you know? I felt it could look better and that the purpley undertone would always bug me.

So I did some testing with Grey Owl because it has undertones of green (was surprised at how green it looked in our rec room at our old house).

And it looked better.

But when I painted a test wall today? Icy blue. 

Which is fine if that's what you want but again, not what I'm going for.

Sooo ... two days left to finish painting and I'm back where I started. (But with a gallon of super expensive paint in Grey Owl. Guess what colour the rec room's going to be?!) 

So, seeing as how the orangey trim colour makes everything look lavendar / blue, the key is to go closer to orange on the colour wheel, right, like yellow? 

You can see in the above pic that I tested Straw (used it in my old living room and loved) but it looked WAY too bright surprisingly. 

So I'm going to try "Gentle Cream" tomorrow ... wish me luck!

Benjamin Moore "Gentle Cream":


Jill and Dylan said…
Uh, oh. I think we bought some Revere Pewter already. Oh well!

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