Good day, sunshine!

Check out the progress on our (new) sunroom!

It was instilled in me from a young age to respect wood trim (and never paint over it) but when I saw the sunroom of the new place (which I LOVE, by the way), the window mouldings were crying out to be painting. 

Lovely wood, yes, but distracting: all you noticed was the trim and not the world outside.

The first couple brush strokes were tough (felt my dad weeping somewhere) but I've been painting for a couple days now (so much bevelling!) and it looks great! Makes the room seem so much brighter, the wall colour creamier, the outside view nicer, etc.

Either way, can't wait to get rid of that track lighting.

PS Check out the awesome cork floor!



Still having a dilemma over what exactly to *do* with this room though. 

I was originally going to decorate it as a typical sunroom. Example:

Not that we can afford all new furniture but you get the idea.

But then I got thinking about how wicker isn't super comfy and how great it would be to curl up in a comfy chair, drink coffee and read the paper here in sun (especially in the winter).

So that got me looking at loveseat / armchair options. Something like this:

Or this:

But that's a lot of white and then we'd have two living rooms and I always swore I'd never do the formal living room / family room layout. 

And this isn't counting the big rec room in the basement. You only need one! (Or maybe two, once you have teenagers.)

Then today we moved the dining room table in there temporarily (ripping up carpet in the dining room) and it was a lovely place to eat lunch! 

Totally tempted now to use it for meals but then what would we do with the awkwardly-shaped (has 6 doorways!) dining room??

Too many rooms dilemna = truly first world problem.


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