This is what it's like ... (fits and grunts)

This is what it's like to have an (almost) two year old:

We went for a lovely walk this morning. We got some fresh air, exercise and a tasty muffin (with sweet potato hidden inside - brilliant!). We bought some organic foods and felt grateful to have such ready access to such good things. We played in the good park, with lots of ramps ("up up up" then "down down down") and slides ("wheee!") for a long time.

We came home and suddenly our pretty little gal morphed into angry demon, refusing to set foot in the house. Threw a gigantic fit at the porch, with arms flailing and hysterical shrieking. No amount of cajoling ("let's get some milk"!), distracting ("Hey, can you help mom carry in the juice?") or threatening ("Stop whining now!") would work.

Had to finally be carried in like a convict and then stood in the living room, shrieking.

I mean, I get it (outside is fun, inside is death camp) but really. Do ALL the neighbours need to experience this misery? It's especially hard since she's usually such a good kid, compared to a lot of the toddlers I see.

Was given some milk and then suddenly transformed to "la la la" happy daisy girl. Danced around the kitchen, singing "apple apple apple" and giggling.

Seemed perplexed at fact that Mom was not in the mood for singing and was in fact, sweating, breathing slowly and muttering something about "running away until toddler years are over."

Don't even ask how nap went.

This is what it's like to have an (almost) eight month old:

It's all about hoarse grunting here these days. Apparently cousin Jenny is doing the same type of thing, so I'm hoping she'll watch this and translate.

My best guess it's some variation of, "More food, woman!"


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